Bo Atabey ~ Great Mother Earth  

                            Coral Bay, St John 

The Caribbean tradition of outdoor living.....

"Of all the vacations we have taken, our stay at Bo Atabey is the one we speak of the most.
We would love to return and hope to do so sometime soon"


"'We wish to thank you for the opportunity to stay in your beautiful home. We had one of the most relaxing vacations ever. Our time at Bo Atabey was  so very peacful! The design of your home is wonderful and the details both inside and out are well thought out.
Our kids were so excited when we arrived at Bo Atabey (remember they thought we would be camping). They spent considerable time in the pool throughout the week."


Home Again, Home Again.....
Well, we are finally settled back home, but, I just wanted to thank you profusely for a wonderful week in St John. Bo Atabey was perfect for our family.  I especially appreciated the full-service kitchen, as we ate in a fair amount. I loved the light fixtures and dark wood throughout. And the pool temperature was perfect, which is quite a statement, coming from me. My father raised me in a 90 degree pool and, I daresay,  Bo Atabey
is the first pool to even remotely come close to my childhood memories. Thank you!"

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"My greatest memory (along with the outdoor shower and awesome view) will be waking in the morning listening to the birds         and seeing the sun lit hillside across the bay.
Great spot! We look forward to returning one day.
Thanks and Best regards."


"I have never seen a more beautiful view than what we experienced while
we were on St John....everywhere you look is amazing.
Thank you for sharing your home with us."

 The house was just right for the two couples and we thoroughly enjoyed the pool, which surprised me.

 I normally don't do pools but it was so hot and humid that it felt wonderful."